As a child, I always noticed that the more "successful" men seemed to smoke cigars. The older I got, the more important it became to me to smoke a fine cigar. I started of,f like everyone else in my little town, with Swisher Sweets. After the commencement speech for my high school graduation, 3 of us were given a stern talking to by the local police for smoking a celebration cigar on school grounds. It seems as though every milestone in my life has been crowned with a cigar, even during those times when I wasn't smoking.

Now, after all of that build up, for those of you still awake... How much thought do you put into a special occasion smoke if any at all? Any you'd care to share with the rest of us?

I thought long and hard about the cigar I was going to smoke the day my son is born. It was the Rocky Patel 15th. Now, I'm torn between it and a Gurkha Vintage Shaggy. May will be here before I know it, decision time is running out. 

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