Since tomorrow is February 1st I figured I check to see if everyone has their lanceros lined up? Over the month of January I rounded up quite a few, I will be starting with a few favorites; L40, Tatuaje Especiale, Trinidad Fundadores, Guayacan Maduro, ect. 

What does everyone else have lined up for LANCERO FEBRUARY?

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Seems like a good excuse for breaking into my lancero stash!

It really is...that's what I'm doing :-)

I must have missed the memo. But I'm definitely game!

Let me know what your going to fire up!

Probably grab an H-Town Tatuaje or a Cain F

I've already smoked a Caldwell LLTK Jalapeno, but I also have a touch of HG Drumstick and a Cain F tubo, plus all my tasty, tasty Crux Passports. Fire em up!

MMMMmmmmMMMMmmmm Drumstick....Cain F!

I love the drumsticks and have been protective of my last couple.

Serious had them in stock last month so I took the opportunity then..

There were a few more left at my usual shop in Wichita, don't know why they aren't selling, since the other, newer CH stuff always sells there... but if they've got any left next time, I'm grabbing.

Its the lancero vitola...not a huge seller and I'm sure they dont fly out of Kansas....I might dare say that the Drumstick is the best cigar CH's has ever made? I think their MF made stuff is hit/miss...

As you might imagine, definitely more partial to the Dominican blends, esp HG and Four Kicks, but yeah, for my personal tastes, the Drumstick may well be the best thing they've made, IMO.



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