I looked over the list and really like the following.

Flannel Gram - Stefan L.

Holy Mole - Jason Meyers

Risitas Bebe - Doug

Molon Labe - BBUrnette

Hook, Line, and Sinker - James Sheets

Timmy Time - atllogix

All of these were awesome. It is really hard for me to choose which one, so you all win. 

If your entry is listed above then email me with your name, CigFed Username, address, and statement certifiying you are above legal age to purchase tobacco products in your governing jurisdiction and I will get something awesome sent out to you.





Have a question and a contest. 

What should be the name of the next BLTC release? We have had GreenGo, Tiger Kitty Soft Paws, Salmon Patty, and Ginger. What would you name it?

I will pick the winner tomorrow. The winner gets something awesome.

Enter by writing what you would call the cigar and why below.



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Your wife wouldn't win. She needs to realize about .03% of our target market speak Spanish.

Call it 'Esa Quemadura". Spanish for "That Burn".

Esa for SA as in San Andreas, & Burn for...well, that's WTF you do to it!!!!

EarthyQuake. Earthy SA flavor and it's so good it will shake you up like an EQ on the SA fault line. 

Risitas Bebé....Baby Giggles

if this isn't the name for this release, this has to be a name for one of the future releases. 

This is pretty good.

Chupacabra, that is the latin translation of Tigger Kitty Soft Paws.

Cacao Roll would be my second choice.

Oscuro Profundo.. deep dark flavor

In these current times of pending FDA regulation how about calling it Molon labe (Greek: μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé), meaning "come and take [them]", is a classical expression of defiance!!

I like it.

The Velvet Taco - because it's soft, smooth, and tastes amazing.

That sounds like a vagina!



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