I looked over the list and really like the following.

Flannel Gram - Stefan L.

Holy Mole - Jason Meyers

Risitas Bebe - Doug

Molon Labe - BBUrnette

Hook, Line, and Sinker - James Sheets

Timmy Time - atllogix

All of these were awesome. It is really hard for me to choose which one, so you all win. 

If your entry is listed above then email me with your name, CigFed Username, address, and statement certifiying you are above legal age to purchase tobacco products in your governing jurisdiction and I will get something awesome sent out to you.





Have a question and a contest. 

What should be the name of the next BLTC release? We have had GreenGo, Tiger Kitty Soft Paws, Salmon Patty, and Ginger. What would you name it?

I will pick the winner tomorrow. The winner gets something awesome.

Enter by writing what you would call the cigar and why below.



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can we get any info on the wrapper or blend?

Wrapper - SA

Binder - Nicaraguan

Filler - Nicaraguan

Going into this blind I'm going to say Immaculate Conception or immaculate Concepción if you want to be fancy

I love this name but I am already doing two with a sexual connotation. I have been asked to dial it back a bit. Unfortunately, Hung Lo will never see the market :(

that's too bad; otherwise you could have called this one sexual chocolate. perfect for a SA Maduro. 

Smokey nights because the weather is turning warmer most people will outside and what better time to have a great cigar and a drink of your choice.

Pancho Villa's Last Words

Or maybe, El Burro

or, don quixote. or tilting at windmills. 

Haunted Handbook
Red Nightgown. idk why. continues the color scheme and sounds sexy.

What about...

Charlie Don't




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