Ok, I went through all 61 pages and did not see this topic, so if I missed it mods delete this and point me in the right direction. I would like to keep this going kinda like the share your beer pairings thread, so without further ado here are the last 3 smokes I had. You don't have to post a review or anything......unless you want to, but I would like to see pics =8-)

The Crowned Head Double W: This was given to me from Janis back on January.....this stick was amazing! Very smooth, lots of flavor and absolutely box worthy!

The 2014 Ortega Winning Blend: This kinda bored me after the Double W, I also had issues with keeping it lit....Tripp did you have any issues?

Paul Stulac Angel: This was another very enjoyable stick....box worthy? Nah, but i'd pick up a fiver.

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It's a permissions problem. I could see mine in the homebrew and beerrun threads but nobody else could.  

Can you see this photo?:

Yup..as long as you dont use Google pics or Photobucket your good.

Berger & Argenti Entubar


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