Ok, I went through all 61 pages and did not see this topic, so if I missed it mods delete this and point me in the right direction. I would like to keep this going kinda like the share your beer pairings thread, so without further ado here are the last 3 smokes I had. You don't have to post a review or anything......unless you want to, but I would like to see pics =8-)

The Crowned Head Double W: This was given to me from Janis back on January.....this stick was amazing! Very smooth, lots of flavor and absolutely box worthy!

The 2014 Ortega Winning Blend: This kinda bored me after the Double W, I also had issues with keeping it lit....Tripp did you have any issues?

Paul Stulac Angel: This was another very enjoyable stick....box worthy? Nah, but i'd pick up a fiver.

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There's a whole sub-forum dedicated to this. ;-)

Haha, you tell him! 


I guess he means the entire "What are you smoking" area.


I like this though. 

Oh crap! Lol....well sorry 

No problem with me!

I had this last weekend during the nice spring weather we're finally seeing here. I grabbed this out of the bargain bin a couple of months back for only $6. It was worth it. CyB Lonsdale (I think is what it was). I've been sick since, so it's been quiet. Hope to be back in full swing by the holiday weekend.

That's a great stick for the price.

I see these in budget buys all the time and they're pretty damn good for such cheap prices.  

So the Paul Stulac is good but not great you say. I think I have an Angel myself and a great would've been what I wanted to hear.

Don't NOT smoke it based on what I said Garron, I did enjoy it, but I wouldn't buy a box of them. Sadly it was better than the Ortega

Mickey, that Double W is an amazing cigar. Stefan sent me one and it hit on all cylinders for me. IMHO it is a much better smoke than some CH cigars that get a lot more attention.



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