Just wanted to say hi! I enjoy Cigars, bourbon, beer and long walks on the beach. More importantly, is my picture sideways to everyone else or just me? Let me know. Thanks.

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Welcome! I too enjoy long walks on the beach. As long as they allow me to smoke a cigar while I do it. And yup your sideways.

Welcome aboard man! Nice to have you on CigFed. And yes, you are defying gravity in your profile pic. lol

LOL - welcome to CigarFed.  Fix that pic!

I think its pretty awesome you can sit sideways and not spill your beer. 

I can't figure it out. Maybe cuzz I'm on my phone? I don't know.

I think this is probably the issue. Go to the box on the right hand side of the page that is at the top and click settings. From there you can change your profile picture.

Believe it or not must've been a glitch that day. Just tried it again and it was right side up. Yay for this guy! Thanks!

Now the world seems a bit more...normal...



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