I am really into The Following. What about you?

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Currently I'm watching the following

Marvel Agents of SHIELD



Breaking Bad

The Big Bang Theory

Daredevil (as soon as season 2 starts)


-Always Blacklist

-The Great British Bake-off ;-)

-Grimm at the end of the month


Oh, Blacklist is another show I started watching last year!

I have to give a plug for HELL ON WHEELS.  This a show that deals with the Trans-Contiential railroad. It's action packed - and LOTS OF CIGARS on the show!


I gave Hell On Wheels about 6 episodes in the 1st season a shot, but there was just too much other better shows on tv, and I lost interest.......maybe I'll give it another shot, but no interest right now

the wife and I just finished Mad Men last night... that's probably the best series finale I have ever seen... absolute genius...

It was a great ending....for best endings imo watch 

Breaking Bad (probably the best ending to a tv series ever)

Six Feet Under

Breaking Bad had a good ending too... Haven't watched 6-feet under...

I didn't like BB as much as everyone else did... i got tired of it by the end and I HATED Walter... but the ending was damn good



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