I am really into The Following. What about you?

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If you want to see how much has changed in almost 2 years: http://cigarfederation.com/forum/topics/what-are-you-watching

Anyway, I just finished watching BANSHEE.  I binge watched 3 seasons (30 episodes plus some prequel/epilogue shorts) in a week and a half.  Sick, sick show with lots of hot naked chicks and some awesome gore.

I just finished binge watching it too.  It was really great.  The one thing that bugged me at first was how... goofy?... the show is.  It's totally over the top, but if you're into comic books, you quickly realize that it's written EXACTLY like a comic book, where alliances can change on a whim, and people always take a couple minutes to talk in the middle of a fight.

Yeah, I've been telling people about it, but I always tell them its a bit convoluted.  For now, though, I'm still entertained.  Can't wait 9 months for the next season.

Great show!!!!!!

This is an awesome show, that I tell everyone about and they're clueless. And it fictionally takes place like 25 minutes from me. He does a heist in "Harrisburg", which is cool. 

Justified. The Americans, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead.

I am raging on The Americans. Freaking great show.

I watched the first season, and then haven't watched since.  I did really like it, though - maybe I'll try again.

Walking Dead and once in a while I catch This Week Tonight with Jon Oliver..

not a lot of time for TV right now

Yeah, we had a post like this awhile ago... but let's update...

We're actually looking to start something new...

  • Finished Season 3 of House of Cards and season 4 of Homeland, so waiting on those for another year or so...
  • You HAVE TO watch The Jinx on HBO - Robert Durst is a nut case... great six-part documentary
  • Blacklist is good, but I kinda fade in and out with it...
  • Gave up on the Walking Dead a few seasons ago, so I may revisit that...
  • Either gonna start Sopranos or Mad Men soon... Got through the first few seasons of each before my Father-in-Law got sick and we kinda fell off... 
I know it's probably hard to believe, since I work for the cable company but I do not watch very much TV. I have considered starting the walking dead from season one but I'm still unsure. Everyone I know seems to watch the show and our shock that I have never seen an episode. My six-year-old pretty much runs the TV and when he is not in charge my 18-month-old who runs it

Hmmm... I replied, but it didn't post...so:

The Walking Dead

Better Call Saul

Game Of Thrones (in April) 

Madmen (In April)

Silicon Valley (also in April)



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