Any ideas on what these are/who makes them? Thanks!

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The cigar on the left is a house blend called the Justice from my local shop - Barrister Cigars.  Its made at Joya de Nicaragua and is pretty good.

The cigar on the right is an Emilio Draig K Coronoa - one of my favorite, if not my favorite, cigar of 2012.

Hey! I've got some of those!

Fixed the post up for you Michael... Matt has all the info there for you... the Draig K is a flavorbomb of a smoke... sometimes there can be draw and/or burn issues, but I have never had an issue and I love that stick... enjoy! 

Oh yea, the Draig K! Great stuff!

Thanks, everyone, for the info! I did enjoy the Draig, but have yet to try the Justice.



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