I'm interested in knowing what your favorite "house" cigar might be.

Someone said Bonita Smoke Shop has a good one, as well as some other Florida retailers.

Especially looking for something in maduro, med or +. Thanks!

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Kip from Cigarmy wrote a great review of his fav house blend.  Sounds like a good one. http://thecigarmy.com/2013/01/19/review-cuenca-5-anniversary/

Those Cuencas are fantastic.  It's not their standard house blend though.  That review is for their 5 Anniversary cigar.  It's one of the best - if not THE best - "house" cigar I've ever had.  Many of them fall flat to me because of the way some retailers approach developing them.  The Cuencas pursued this as something bigger - better - than the "norm," using their clientele as a guide for how the blend should taste.  Many times, I find the typical house cigar to be something the owner just found to be available at a manufacturer and had them slap some bands on and go.  There are some gems out there, though....and I'm having a blast trying to find them all :)

If you ever find yourself in Tampa, hit a few of the Mom & Pop operations that are left in Ybor City.  They aren't all winners, but there are still a few standouts.  Nica Habana is a good place to start...

The Island Smoke Shop that is just north (or right at the start) of the Florida keys has a good cigar called "El Original" that is, or was, sometimes rolled in the store by "their guy." I preferred the maduro version they sold.

Same here.  We usually make it down to Key Largo once a year or so to do some diving.  I always stop by ISS and pick up a few of these exact cigars.  Nothing fancy - just good, solid smokes.  

The Habana Cigar House, in Rolling Meadows, IL (45 min NW of Chicago) has Frances Paguero, the husband of one the store owners, who rolls smokes for the shop. They are very mild and smooth, and wonderfully constructed.

I got a ten back of the Cigar.com LFD Replica Series a while back and really enjoyed them. They come in the chisel shape at at $3.5 a pop aren't a bad deal.


Thanks for the replies, guys.

I'm guessing there are a ton more of them out there.  One more that comes to mind for me is a house stick that I've only had a couple of.  The Brown Derby on Glenstone Ave. in Springfield MO, (the flagship store) has a humidor in amongst all the liquor, and they have a house blend they keep up by the registers in jars. It is a Honduran for around $2 a stick, and actually is not bad at all.  For those of you who make a trip to the main Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, you might want to go over a couple of miles and check it out.  (The Brown Derby was a chain of liquor stores that Bass Pro Shop got its start in, also owned by the elder Johnny Morris.)

I have been to Bass Pro Shops many of times :)

Another one that I just thought about that is cheap but a total crap shoot on what you will get is the CI 2nds. They will usually put un-banded sales on for less than a dollar a stick. You have no idea what you are getting brand wise, but you get to pick the vitolta. I like to get a mazo every now and again for yard gars and my mooching buddies.

BTW, what have you been up to brother? Have seen you around in a long while.

Just now saw this, Logan. Sorry!  Thanks for the tip. I see them on CBid often.

Not doing too bad. Enjoying the weather and spending a lot of time on the front deck burning vegetation. Just layin' low... lol

You all recovered from your foreign jaunt?

LongFillers Lounge held a House Blend March Madness Tournament which could provide some insight, but my personal favorite is The Judge from my local shop, Barrister Cigars in Union, NJ.  Its a fantastic, "cheap" smoke that is actually made at Joya de Nicaragua, I believe.

I've been wondering how those Replica series were Logan. Their Brazilian and Sungrown labels are pretty good. I've heard the J.R. Ultimates are good anybody try them yet?

I have never tried the J.R. Ultimate yet. I would highly recommend the Replica series.



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