We all have a few or more treasured sticks in our stashes, what's yours? If I had to choose one stick from mine, I'd say it's the Partagas 8-9-8 from '99 that I was gifted from another cigar connoisseur.

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I have a lot of Viaje stuff, like the original Zombie. I think the biggest prize is a Little Gomez Small Batch #4 and the original CroMagnon Mandible from the first run in 2011.

I've had a Montecristo #2 for quite a few years now, a T52 pig, LP 'A', and a few torpedo's that I rolled during my rolling lesson at Graycliff Cigars. All treasured for their own reasons. JD gave me the 'A' the week my son was born, so I'll hang on to that one for as long as I can. 



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