We all have a few or more treasured sticks in our stashes, what's yours? If I had to choose one stick from mine, I'd say it's the Partagas 8-9-8 from '99 that I was gifted from another cigar connoisseur.

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I have so many - hard to say.  Probably the Oliva Serie V Culebra gifted to me by Gilberto.  Still have 2 left - possibly the best cigar I ever smoked.

hmmm... good question... I'd say my Tat Monster collection... I've got all the originals, including the Boris... T-52, No.9 and Undercrown Flying Pigs... Partagas 150... yeah, probably the full sized monsters... now I wanna go dive through the humis and see what I find!

You have a UC Pig? Its the only one I've never had - so hard to find.

Yep... I've got one left... just snapped a family photo.... I actually reviewed the UC Flying Pig awhile back...

The UC pig was only released to the European market right?

it was a Holland exclusive... random, but true... knowing JD, I'm sure there was a great reason for it

Pretty sure the guy who owns the Compaenen chain in Holland is a friend somehow of JDs and JD made the blend exclusively for him.

Based on right now, being that I've only been up to this a while, and I smoked all my Cubans, I do have a nice Opus X Super Belicoso waiting for an appropriate special occasion.

A year ago when I first picked this hobby up, my prized stick was an Ashton classic. Since then, I've progressed to my Cuban Holy Grail which is the Partagas 8-9-8 and a Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada '04 and my non-Cuban ones which are a Fuente Shark and Liga FFP both from last year.

Pre embargo H Upmann Tubo that looks like an old turd or my Liga Privada T52's

Hmm I guess I'd have to say a couple Armadas and a couple Reconquistas that have a couple years on them now and 2 Casa Fuentes that have been sitting for over a year.

I have 24 AF Anejos #77s 4 from Nov 10, 4 from May 11, 4 from Nov 11 and 4 from May 12, 4 from Nov 12 and 4 from May 13. I remove 4 every May and Nov and spread them out over the next 6 mths.

Those would be my treasures..

also have a cigar gifted to me by Carlos Fuente. He called my friend and I over to their table when they walked in to Casa Fuente. We had smoked a Opus X, but pulled out some Habanas that I had brought. Not being AFs, he asked if we would like a REAL good cigar and pulled two out of his pocket and gifted them to us. They have no band, but I'm saying they are the cigars he has made for him. They could be dog rockets, I'll never know, I'll never smoke it.



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