Mine has to be the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon. It tasted like like global warming, sweaty feet, and uncured tobacco all rolled up in one nice little package.

What about you?

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Padron 1926 no 1 natural, dull dull dull

Sweet Jane from Deadwood ohh man couldn't stand that infusion put it out after only a few draws

I'm typically not a big fan of the Acids and the like, but I actually really liked the sweet jane.  I thought the infusion was a lot more balanced than the others.  I have only smoked one, so maybe it was a one off experience.  I'm hoping I'll enjoy it next time too.

Back in my "buy whatever I can get cheap from the cigar auctions" phase, I got a batch of Rocky Patel Cuban Blend from Cigar Auctioneer/Famous Smoke, one of Famous Smoke's RP house exclusives. I tried for them to not suck, but it was impossible. Cigarette level impossible.

However, truly the worst - my son-in-law's name is Jeff, and for his Grad school graduation, I got him a desktop humidor/cutter/lighter set and for a gag, a double bundle of Joya del Jefe cigars, some dollar sticks from CI. It was a gag, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't giving him actual crap, so I fired one up. It literally tasted like lighter fluid, a sick chemical flavor. So I did what any good scientist does, I pulled a couple apart and posted on youtube. NOT the long-filler that CI posted (which is how I got my $ back), short filler floor sweepings, including a bit of string. One had a crappy looking dark leaf binder, one had a crappy looking shade-like binder. Another health hazard total garbage stick from the garbage stick kings at Victor Sinclair. And CI still promotes them as long filler, despite my video evidence to the contrary. They suck.



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