Mine has to be the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon. It tasted like like global warming, sweaty feet, and uncured tobacco all rolled up in one nice little package.

What about you?

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Yeah I think it's a great cigar.
I was expecting to love it. I was excited for it. I don't if I got an off stick, or that tobacco is like my personal nemesis, but I could not stand that cigar.

Outside of obvious machine made suspects like white owls, the one that really comes to mind is the Ave Maria (Salomon shape). I got it in one of those Cbid super samplers back in my early days of cigar smoking. I was excited to smoke it because of the shape, and the first inch was not so bad. Then it just tasted like an old, heavily used ashtray, that cats had been pissing in. Took me days to get that aftertaste out of my mouth.

Man... like Trip I have a hard time remembering. If I'm not specifically trying to remember... well.. I don't. Comes in handy but my wife doesn't like that trait.

I can remember sticks I shouldn't have let get away. Something about the misterioso maduro hit me right but I never jumped on getting a bundle.

Well I will take your kind words on the Misterioso Maduro.

Being that I am still new to cigars, there are a number of memorable bad ones.  My personal worst is Raji's Untimely Demise.  The only thing untimely is that it didn't happen much sooner.

That name! They knew it was a mess.
Probably my first one. I was about 10 years when me and a friend got into my dad's Roy-Tan Falcons. Still remember how bad that tasted, swore I'd never smoke again (I'm a slow learner).

I've been sitting here trying to think of some of the dog rockets I've had the displeasure of smoking over the years.  Really the only one that came to mind right now is the Kuba Kuba Acid or the C Notes.  It is like going into a florist shop, grabbing a bouquet and lighting it up.  Smoking flowers is just not appealing to me one bit.  The worst part about it is the fact that the taste sits in your mouth for the rest of the day, like your taste buds were killed off by the floral taste and it's the last thing they remember.  Truly an unsatisfying experience.

I was thinking about trying The Kuba Kuba after I heard Surgeon say that was the only Acid that he likes. Now I'm not so sure. :-)
Spectre by AJ Fernandez, reminded me of a Little Trees Royal Pine air freshener.



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