Mine has to be the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon. It tasted like like global warming, sweaty feet, and uncured tobacco all rolled up in one nice little package.

What about you?

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Rocky Patel Java Mint - It tasted like the cigar equivalent of a soda fountain 'suicide'.

Hahahha. I remember getting suicides after Little League games. They were legit.

I actually don't remember any details about what the blend was, but it was a JR house blend. I was on a road trip down to FL and stopped at a JR store for some smokes in NC. They gave me and my friend a free 5pk of some house blend with our purchases and I lit one up when we got back on the road. Within about a quarter inch, it tasted like a wet newspaper that someone wiped their ass with. I couldn't huck that thing out the window fast enough. Think I may have hit another car with it actually. Never again!

I wish I had a video of your cigar hitting another car :)

I feel bad for whoever was on the recieving end of that dog rocket. Imagine chewing on damp, inky newspaper with some fresh eau de shit in the back of your throat. That was a good nine years ago but I remember it clear as day. I had a boutique intervention in 2009 and it saved my life!
Great question. Since I started smoking some 20+ years ago I'd have to answer this question in two parts: pre-boutique Stefan and boutique Stefan. Pre-boutique smoked a lot of bad cigars, but the worst was probably a famous smoke shop Honduran house blend. Tasted like someone unrolled a Marlboro, dumped the tobacco in turpentine and rolled it up in a fresh banana leaf. Nasty. Boutique era has to be the LFD andulasian bull. Tried it twice and both times made it only an inch or so.

I love the description. The Bull, eh? I think Cigar Aficionado would disagree with you :)

Salmon Patty.

Not really.  I think I kind of blank terrible cigars out of my mind, because I can't think of one I actually hated right now.

Hahahahha. It wasn't my favorite but lots of people have told me it was their favorite Color Project.

The Quesada España was like someone's old musty gym socks.

Wasn't expecting to hear this. Most people, liked this cigar, at least I thought.



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