Okay so I hear Logan talk about drinking Sweet Tea. I thought I knew what it was, I thought it was like Arnold Palmer iced tea for example.

So what is Sweet Tea?

Is it hot or cold or can it be both? Do you just brew it like a regular cup of tea and add lots of sugar?

Help out this uninformed northern boy

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Always iced.  Typically, you put about a cup of sugar into a gallon jug, then fill it with freshly brewed black tea.  After a day or 2 in the fridge, the sugar is totally dissolved, and you have sweet tea goodness.

If you're curious about what it tastes like, but don't want to make it, Gold Peak in a bottle is pretty good, or a can of Arizona Southern Sweet Tea is decent.

We pour the freshly brewed, still warm, tea into a pitcher, add sugar and stir until dissolved, then add cool water to fill the pitcher.  Add one small mint tea bag to your tea bags for a refreshing summertime variant.

Thanks Tripp. So not much different then a bottle of iced tea from the store then?

it's got a distinctly different taste than most bottled iced tea.  no lemon/raspberry flavor, and a much more 'cane sugar' kind of sweetness.

I haven't really found a bottled brand that tastes like homemade.  A few are acceptable, but there's quite nothing like homemade.

Makes me gag

^ this

I'd follow up on Tripp's definition:  I think its supposed to be 4 cups of sugar to a gallon of tea!  The sweeter the better.  Nothing better than Momma's sun-brewed sweet tea.  Damn.  I'm gonna hit the fridge up right now!

You're using my Grandma's recipe!

As a NY/NJ guy, I love when I travel south so I can get some sweet tea!

I ordered sweet tea at a Friendly's restaurant in Maryland.  The waitress just kept repeating 'unsweetened tea?' each time I said 'sweet tea'.

Why do they call it Friendly's?

I can't stand the stuff, but if you get far enough south, say Mississippi or Alabama, I'm pretty sure you can't even order "just tea". My wife, on the other hand... we spent a week in Biloxi, and she was all over that Mississippi sweet tea.



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