My wife is in some 200 mile relay thing and I am on baby duty all weekend. What about you?

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Wife is going out of town for the weekend, so I'll be on kid duty too until Sunday afternoon.  But there should be plenty of cigars once the kids are in bed.

Wish you the best of luck with that.

Working Saturday :'(  Also watching the Final 4.

Smoking like crazy Sunday/Monday....

Where do you work?

MicroChip....Computer/microchip company...

Got to keep those Dell's loaded with motherboards ;-)

I'm at the ballpark again tonight, which is a total shitshow with new equipment not working... There is a spring beer fest tomorrow, then we have to watch the Final Four cuz Dana could win her work pool even though she has Michigan State winning it all... and I have a Fantasy baseball auction starting at 5:30...

on sunday...


Yeah brew day!!  Good luck with all grain, take lots of notes! I'll be curious to hear your reaction and results

Visiting some local craft breweries, smoking some cigars, grilling.  

I have no plans that I'm aware of, but I'm hoping to get a few cigars in, weather permitting. 

I am going to try and build a raised garden bed and then hopefully celebrate my domestic victory with a cigar and some beer.

First softball tournament of the year for my 12 year old - headed to Colorado!!

and drafting a baseball team on saturday



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