I am thinking about picking up this pipe from Smoking Pipes. What do you think?

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Is that a ceramic liner in the bowl?

No. It is briar but I think there is ceramic coating on the outside.

Looks pretty slick to me!  I need to replace my pipe.  I just keep putting it off. 

I think it generally looks cool, and I dig the blue color. I think the finish looks a little strange though. It looks like it is sprayed with a textured hard finish. The good of this is it will probably be durable but the downside is you have no idea what the grain/wood is like underneath. If I were going to buy one I'd try to figure out what exactly the finish is first.

Good point. I am going to email them and ask. 

hmmm, it is interesting... looks like a toy. I'd be afraid my kid would find it...

Agreed. That is why I like it. I will lock it away or Calloway or Truman would chew it up :)

It looks toight.

I was eyeing that one when i first got into pipes....but my interest in pipe smoking has dwindle a bit



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