What cigar would you like to see featured on Sharing Our Pairings Wed June 29th

  • Herrera Esteli
  • Macanudo Jamaica 2.0
  • Fourth Prime 2.0
  • Cuatro Cinco 3.0
  • Victor Vitale (Tortuga Cigars) 3.0
  • Other

Keep in mind if you suggest Other it will need to have a majority of votes to  carry (also Robby and I will both need to have the cigar).

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Herrera Esteli

Yay.  (As in agreement, not the exclamation)

Herrera Esteli for me. Would like to do some IPA pairings.

If you are going IPA then Herrera Esteli will work out great. I recommend the Lonsdale :)

Herrera esteli. If this show was after my trip to Alberta, I would supply the ipa for Surgeon. Well, I'll just bring some for you anyway :)
HE. Scotch Ale?

Thinking IPAs believe it or not.

I see. I misunderstood. I have a hard time pairing IPAs to my smokes. Maybe a White IPA would be worth a try.
  • Herrera Esteli

   Had the Lonsdale and found it really mild. Do these hold up to IPA's well?

I would like to see the Cuatro Cinco!

If you guys want to be all fancy I set up a Twitter poll. 



Best of the bundles... hahah, get some cheap bundle cigars and sample 3 or 4 of them so I know what I can buy for my friends!!!



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