I have been raging on the Surrogates Animal Cracker 550.

What about you?

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me too. I only have two left. 

My trend is no trend.  I smoke something different almost daily.  I've found that it keeps things interesting for me.  I will say that I've been tempted to smoke all my Bishop's Blend though.  I really enjoy that one!

All of the cherry singles I've been holding over winter, some good ones I haven't had yet.

No time like the present.

L'atelier Indentite #2

LUJ Genius

2017 Las Calaveras LC46


2016 Bishops Blend

La Galera Habano

I never had a LUJ, are they worth it?

not my style

I love LUJ cigars.  I've only had a few of their lines but have loved them all.  The LUJ Genius (updown cigars) is near the top of my 2017 new releases list.  The Morpheus Anniversary #4 maduro and the Fugitive are great too.

I wish they we're priced a few dollars less (especially in Chicago with the high taxes) but they still have been worth the asking cost.

Reading is fundamental! Just noticed that Logan asked what cigar (singular) we were smoking a ton of. 

Still raging on the Sobremesa Short Churchill.

Always a good choice. I plan on weaseling a ton of them off Saka in two weeks.

I think I've smoked an eccj, Cigars Privé, or Singularé for around 15 of my last twenty cigars. Any one of them makes me happy. Smoked around half of my La Aurora 107 Cosechas, too. And I never don't have a Thompson Casa Fernandez Reserva Connie in my travel box. Those are the most underrated Connies out there.



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