I have been raging on the Surrogates Animal Cracker 550.

What about you?

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I know, kinda butt hurt about those and the La Riqueza. F****** Pete!!

I've been on an Intemperence BA kick lately. I really dig the perfecto size of that cigar.

One of the local shops have those now. Pretty much the only thing I buy when I stop there now.

Agreed. My jam is the Avarice.

CAO Brazilia Gol! $61 a box, free shipping.

CAO does a lot of Brazil tobacco. They just had an event here with Rick and I picked up a bunch of stuff. Consigliere, Fuma Em Corda, all have Brazilian tobacco.

Herrera Esteli Lonsdale

Norteno Lonsdale

_____________ Lonsdale

Drew Estate unveils ____________ Lonsdale #BreakingNews


IPCPR get ready.

Husky    Lonsdale

Speaking of Husky, have been raging on a ton of Blonde Bombshells.



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