I have been raging on the Surrogates Animal Cracker 550.

What about you?

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Whatever I get on sale. Smoking a ton of 60% off Leccia Luchadors.

I liked that cigar. Assuming you are getting them from CI? I think that was the best one he ever did.

I've been getting them everywhere. Ordered two boxes of El Guapo Luchador from JR for $99. shipped about a month ago.

I loved the luchador the year they were released.  Tried one last year and it was average so I stopped buying. Glad to hear they're still smoking great.

Illusione ultra op no. 3, the short robusto. I'd rage on the bishop's blend, but limited supply keeps me from smoking through them too fast

I second that Stefan, I smoke about 3 or 4 ultra op no. 3s a week

I can't get down on the Ultra

have you tried this particular size of the ultra? it's the best in the line. The other sizes do very little for me, with the exception of the box pressed robusto. 

Smoked 2 on one day last week. I almost never smoke 2 of the same stick in one day
I have to revisit that guy.

La Casita Criolla CG - taking my inventory down so I can justify to myself buying 3 boxes before they become scarce.  That, and I love the damn things.

You need to buy about 1,000 won't be around much longer.



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