Figure ill start off with a Oliva G toro, then later in the night switch to the AKA Respect Hooah.

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Just wrapped up a LFD Double Ligero.  It was great.  At one time I didn't care for LFD, but I gotta say the Air Benders and now the DL have become regulars in my rotation.

Just finished up a trifecta of AJ Fernandez sticks in 24 hours - the San Lotano Oval, Maduro, and Habano.  All very good, I think I liked the Oval the best of the three.

Just lit up a Southbound Series by Jameson (actually made by Luis Sanchez).

I really like the southbound. Can't believe Brad sells it so cheap.

Good call on the Oliva G.  Just picked up a box of the toros on the weekend.  What a great smoke.

Looking forward to a CAO Concert this AM, and then one of my own hand-rolled smokes this evening. Gonna teach a former student, an honest to goodness gal, even, how to roll a cigar and then I'll join the Half Ashed broadcast in progress. That's a good day!

Had a Namakubi Tiburon earlier, now on to an 858 Sungrown.  I'm a creature of habit....

Well, on the recommendation of DogWatch a few months back, I tried the Torano Master maduro in a robusto size. I am, largely, a Torano fan, with the Exodus 1959 gold label one of my "go tos," and I also enjoy the Casa Torano. This cigar has a nice, evenly dark wrapper, super good draw, and a nice amount of smoke. The wrapper on this cigar, though, cracked open on a vein half-way down the body, and then started peeling off with about 2.5 inches left. I was also disappointed in the overall flavor. It was pretty "dry" and somewhat harsh, not changing much down the length. This was my first cigar of the day, late morning, although having a heavy cigar early in the day does not usually bother me.

I am now 0 - 3 with the newer Torano lines, having previously been disappointed with the Vault and the Loyal. This was the first of a five pack, so I'll update this review if there is a change for the better. Keep on smokin, fellas...

Yeah, I don't know what went on with those Master maduros.  I tried a couple from the initial batch my local shop got in, and found them exceptional - very sweet (another guy called the flavor sassafras, and I agreed that was the best description of the unique flavor) and pleasant.  So, I went back a couple months later and bought a box at a Torano event, and was disappointed with almost all of them.  None of that original sweetness, and like you said very dry on the palate.  I haven't revisited them lately, but I might be willing to give them a go at some point.

Smoked an Alec Bradley Family Blend (6 x 48, I think) this AM. I remember when I first smoked them I thought it was pretty good, so I bought a bunch, about six 5-packs in two months. Well, that was almost a year ago, because I just started enjoying them less and less. Now, it's just another average smoke, not something I'd turn down, but not something for which I'm in the market. This is not the first time this has happened with a cigar to me. Anyone else find this to be the case with any cigar?
Well, it's not always better when you grow your own food or roll your own cigars, but my Cameroon-Colombian-Dominican filled cigar of my own making was a very pleasant smoke today. Some people don't like smoking in their cars, but that's probably one of my favorites, esp. here in late winter northern climes.

I had one of our Cigar of the Week this  morning (My Father Flor de las Antillas robusto).  I'm about to light up a Herederos de Robaina momentarily....



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