I thought we had a thread for this but I didn't see it... so we do now!  What are you cigar luvin fools reading?

I'm currently re-reading the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.  I'm about 2/3 of the way through the Drawing of the Three... great series... worth a read if you like a mix between Fantasy, Sci-fi, western, horror, action... it's got it all...

Working my way through the Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn... love these books... tons of action, fast paced, easy reads... it's like a mix between Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne

 My last "Learning" book was 1776 by David McCullough... it was an on and off book for me and it took me a long time to get through it... but I plan on re-reading it (while not reading anything else) soon...

My To Read list:

Ender's Game

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough (i like the way he writes history)

John Adams by David McCullough


American Sniper

what about you guys>???

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I'm currently reading "Off to Be the Wizard" by Scott Meyer.  It's sort of a young adult adventure book, but I'm still enjoying it.  It's about a mid 20s guy who discovers that a file that can modify variables in the real world, and ends up going back to medieval England to become a wizard.

Recently read:

"Proof" by Adam Rogers - A scientific look at the history of booze

"The Drunken Botanist" by Amy Stewart - A BOTANIST's look at the history of booze

the "Wool" trilogy by Hugh Howey - An awesome story of a post-apocalyptic civilization, told from many of the different viewpoints throughout the series

I've heard about Wool and have thought about reading it a few times... I am hit or miss on post-apocalyptic stuff... but it's good?

REALLY good.  I couldn't put it down.  It's less of a typical post-apocalyptic story.  To give a spoiler-free summary of the first book, the human race has been mostly wiped out, and the survivors are a civilization of people who have been living in an underground silo for generations.  

The punishment for any serious crime is to be sent to 'clean', where the offender is suited up and sent out to the surface with a wool pad and several other tools and told to clean the lenses of the dust-caked video cameras, which feed into the top floor of the silo as a sort of window out into the apocalyptic wasteland on the surface.  Families gather to watch the cleanings,  traveling hundreds of levels up, to see the brief dust-free view of the surface.  The catch is that the suits are only resilient enough to last for the cleaning of the lenses, so the punished dies shortly after cleaning the lenses.

The story starts with the Sheriff of the silo questioning why people are actually compelled to clean the lenses, rather than just give the people who sentenced them to death the finger, but I won't go much further than that.

The first book focuses on the silo, the second focuses on how the silo came to be, and the end of the world, and the last book focuses on the fall of the silo.

I really can't recommend them enough.  You should read them.

nice... I think I missed the window of it being free on Kindle... but I'll put it on the list... I remember reading the free intro about the Sherif and his wife...

Oh yeah, they were on kindle unlimited when I read them.

I'm reading "The Man in the High Castle" and am looking forward to the Amazon series based off the book.

it's funny, I saw the series on Amazon yesterday and had no idea what it was and then you mentioned it... very interesting concept...

Just finished The Black Echo by Michael Connelly, quick reading crime pulp. Now I am working on Colapse by Jared Diamond, I like to read a couple of history related books with a quick read between. One can only take so much thick crunchy stuff without something escapist between.

Currently reading 11/22/63 I'm a slow reader, and just taking my time with it......I tend to blow through autobiographies though, just finished

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

Paul Stanley's book (the name escapes me at the moment) 

just read "The Martian" by Andy Wier

a comical account of an astronaut abandoned on Mars and his struggle to stay alive and be rescued.  

It's a really good book.  Easy to read, enough humor in there to make you laugh out loud a few times.  Enough technical sci-fi stuff to keep you interested.

This one is on my short list for sure.

I loved it... and that is a great description... it had some good one-liners and some real technical stuff like making Martian Soil and things like that... very good read...



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