Last year Stefan Lindblad and I swapped a few cigars while he was here in Grand Rapids. Two of the many I came away with were one each of the Crowned Heads, Headley Grange Snaredrum and the Drumstick, . I seem to remember promising Logan I would do a side by side comparison of the two. I am smoking the Snaredrum this morning and will fire up the drumstick Sunday morning.

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Nice Doc, looking forward to your thoughts

YEs please! I would really like to hear your thoughts about the differences. I thought about doing that too but I didn't have the balls ;-) and now I'm out of Drumsticks lol

Looking to hear what you have to say.

How'd they compare Doc?

I love both of these cigars. I like the snare drum just a tad more, but it's very, very close. 

I could start ever day with the Drumstick in the Snare size and have a Snare as my 2nd smoke of the day.

The Snare is an intense cedar, cinnamon, citrus, white pepper flavor bomb. It takes about a half inch to kick into gear, but once it does, it grabs your attention. The flavors are distinct and clean and provide a sweet spice on the finish that never overwhelms. I could still taste that sweet spice two hours after I had put it down.

The Drumstick provides a similar profile but in a much more subdued fashion. It takes a little longer to open up than the Snare. There is a little more earth in the finish to go with the reduced sweet spice.

These cigars are both box-worthy imho. I like the size on the Snare and the subtleness of the Drumstick and I could smoke either one anytime.

As a side note, I told Stefan in a PM, that if I was E.P. Carillo, I would never have handed this blend over to CH. To me, the Headley Grange is still the finest thing to come out of Crowned Heads and while I will not see these two versions here at home, I will jump all over them if I see them in a different locale.

Thank you Stefan for the opportunity to smoke these two fine, fine cigars.

Agree, best blend to come out of EPC...From what I have heard, Huber and Carillo blended that cigar together.

Thanks Doc. Looking forward to the day I decide to light one of these Drumsticks up.

You haven't smoked one yet?! I really like the 6x38 size of the Snaredrum.

Nope not yet. Just not ready to. I think I'm a bit weird like that. I don't like smoking fresh, and even when they're acclimated and stable I still have an OCD like thought about how they need more time. That's with almost anything. It took a lot for me to go ahead and smoke that AKA Nth Degree for the SOTM and it had only been resting for, well, not that long in my eyes. I've had the drumsticks for about 6 months now.

These 2 cigars were ready. Maybe Stefan will pipe in and let us know how old they were.



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