About once or twice a year, I get to splurge a little on myself.  Due to the seasonal nature of Octoberfest, this time of year is one of those times.  This weekend I visited several shops in Wichita, including Cigar Chateau, owned by Kris Booker, a former Rep for Esteban Carreras (AND IPCPR 2013 mechanical bull riding champion), and The Westside Humidor & Lounge, the functional home of Dissident Cigars.

My cigar targets were very specific this trip; my beer targets were only slightly less specific.

On my way in to Westside, I came across the Dissident Touring vehicle, which conveniently has its own special parking space.

All of this, of course, resulted in a few select purchases being made, mostly of things I haven't had the opportunity for yet.

The only one of these I've had so far is the Cabal Short Robusto, and I got another because, well, they're awesome and I wish I could have grabbed more.  On the other hand, the AFR-75 was total divine intervention, as I was going to pass over it this time due to price.  While at the Chateau, I ran across my sister-in-law's little brother, who had recently come home from his honeymoon.  He had been smoking Cuban cigars in Mexico, and wanted some advice on where to go on this side. I promptly pointed him to the Herrera Esteli, but as I was grabbing some Cabal myself, I also suggested them, not as comparable to Cubans, but just as an excellent smoke.  In return for the advice, he also picked up the AFR-75 for me.  Totally blown away by some excellent generosity.  I picked up the Flores Serie Privada, Angel's Anvil, Jericho Hill, and Norteno there as well.  The Fratello, Intemperance, and (of course) the Soap Box I grabbed at Westside (only place in Wichita I know of that carries RoMaCraft).

And since there were more than enough places available, I also grabbed these:

A happy collection of Octoberfest and Pumpkin seasonal selections, plus some imports and other random selections I haven't had yet.  Overall, quite a productive shopping trip.

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Awesome - what's the beer list?

Beer list? Good question!
From left to right:
Tiger (Singapore) & Asahi (Japan) for some Asian flavor, both light lagers.
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
Gordon Biersch Marzen
Breckenridge Autumn Ale
Sierra Nevada Beer Camp West Coast Double IPA
Sam Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin
New Holland Carhartt Woodsman Barrel Aged Pale Ale (celebrating Carhartt 125 Anniv)
Tallgrass Zombie Monkey Robust Porter (Kansas brewed)
Hoffbrau Oktoberfest (one of the brews actually served every year in Munich)
Spaten Oktoberfest (Spaten is traditionally the first keg tapped at the Munich 'Fest, & has been brewing in Munich since the 1300s)
Summit Oktoberfest
Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Plus grabbed a 6er of O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale for the wife & I to share, which she declares is better than the Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin.

Awesome -- nice selection.  A lot of those I can't even get!

I usually can't either! That's why my trips to the "big city" are always so exciting.
And yes, my beer tastes are broad spectrum.

Damn look at your son. Is the Dissident ride a total POS on the inside?

Don't know, I'm not that special to get to check out the inside, and I didn't want to smash my face up against the tinting and look like I was trying to carjack. And unfortunately, the shots Ryan & Gweedo have on their IG are always looking out.

Clean but blue carpet, its old school. I get sick riding backwards in that thing! Needs custom ashtrays as well.

Nice hauls Jared, Very jealous that you found some Dissident, does Westside ship do you know?

I don't know if they ship, but you can find them on Twitter @westsidehumidor & ask! Plus, here's a link to the Dissident Retailers page.

Maybe one is closer to you than Wichita?

Oh & IL....thanks mang

Those are great smokes you picked up! I think the only one you could have swapped out is the AFR-75, I feel they are a bit over priced. You will have a package coming your way here pretty soon, today or tomorrow.



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