Got a few awesome Weasel Warheads in the mail today.  Wanted to give a shoutout real quick:

Kevin G Browning aka Whizzy1 send a box of these RomaCraft cigars that I'm dying to try!

Miguel sent a Don Carlos Aniversario and a Shark!

John (Reino) sent along these two studs!

And my boy KRUK sent over a Tortuga that I took a picture of, but that got lost in my phone somehwere!  Really appreciate the love everyone - completely unnecessary, but greatly appreciated.  Just remember - you never know when I might hit you back!

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Thanks for putting the contest together! Hope you enjoy all the HH's!

Mmm... Weren't we just talking about Bolivars? Tasty.

haha, getting bombed by Reino is like Christmas and Birthdays had a baby and it came in the mail!

Enjoy brotha!


I can't believe people sent you anything.


Wanted to add a ShoutOut to Jay Lundy.  We were chatting and I mentioned I was going to track down the AKA NthDegree because of how well it faired in Cigar Federation's Top Cigars of 2013 (came in #2), and then today this arrived at my house!  Thanks, Jay - very kind and appreciated!

A shoutout added to explosive donut who knew I hadn't tried the El Cedro yet and sent me two! Much appreciated, brother!

And also a big shoutout to my old-time buddy, Erich, for sending some cigars I've never even seen before and didn't know existed.  Excited to try these unreleased Emilio Epicureans and the Island Jims.

I hate to say I didn't send any riders for you Matt. Sorry in advance.

True I'm unpacking all of the cigars my wife says, "You CANNOT win this pool - I do NOT want all these cigars here. If you win, you're giving them away"  Then she said, "And are all these guys sending extras for you too?" I told her no, and I didn't expect that nor want that.  She said, "Well, you should call out all the ones that don't for being douches!"

So, thanks, Logan - you douche!

I mention to the wife last week, Matt's running a sweet pool over at CF... Top win is 300 cigars. Straight away she says "great... Another effing cooler in the basement".
Hahaha, dude my wife totally cracked up at that one. :)

damn matt i wish i got warheads like that seeing as i am kinda the new guy to cigars but f*** it man i guess i gotta get to know you guys a little bit more!!!! :)



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