I am a fan of personal responsibility and freedom of choice - A Libertarian - and so this makes complete sense to me. By the same token, companies should be given the right to hire only smokers or the smoker-friendly and then allow smoking in their establishments.Geisinger to Stop Hiring People Who Use Tobacco

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The link doesn't show as a link but it is there. 

This is becoming commonplace in these parts.  Many governmental (mostly local) agencies disallow ANY nicotine use for hire.  Most companies are instituting this as a policy for new hires, and "grandfathering" in current employees.  They test for cotinine - the derivative of nicotine in the bloodstream.  The nicotine dissipates after a matter of hours, but cotinine will show for several weeks after last use.  My company still allows nicotine use, but requires us to pay higher costs for health insurance.

My life insurer, on the other hand doesn't care THAT I smoke cigars, just HOW MUCH nicotine is absorbed - they gave the urinalysis when I disclosed cigar/pipe smoking, and the results indicated that my rate of consumption was below their requirement.  So, I got a much lower rate, rather than the higher "smoker" rate. I believe they stated that cigarette use was an automatic qualifier for the smoker rate, but "occasional" cigar and pipesmokers can choose to take the urinalysis to get a better rate.

Holy Crap.  After just posting yesterday, my company just sent out a new policy regarding nicotine use this morning.  They will no longer hire nicotine users of any kind - cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chew.  They also specify e-cigarettes, which seems illogical to me.  Not even patches or gum...you must disclose patch/gum use before the urinalysis, and stop using & be retested within 90 days.  Checking "Yes" on an employment application is an automatic disqualifier.

The Nanny Staters are on the move, emboldened by the current government. Both parties are about control it is just a question of where they are driving us (think cattle).

I am voting for freedom not control in 2012.



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