Hey guys, these are two companies I am looking to try more of.  

For Caldwell, I am looking to try the Eastern standard stuff, Long Live the King, and the King is Dead.

 For Cubanacan, the connecticut or habano, or the soneros

 If anyone has some of these, singles or more, let me know.  I would like to trade.

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I will tell you right now Cat that the Eastern Standard is a cigar you would really love (the best cigar Caldwell has made to date). This is my favorite Conny of all time! His other stuff is Meh. I have a shop that sells them down the street.

Folks that I respect and know my palate have suggested those to me, so I am very interested in trying all of them.  

Pretty sure I can get the Caldwell stuff - I'll check and let you know.

Word, let me know man.

So 2 weeks ago I smoked the Eastern Standard Euro Express (corona) and thought it was probably the best Dominican cigar I have smoked in recent memory (93/100) I picked up a 5er they were so good. Tonight I smoked the ES Corretto (robusto) and I have to say its nothing like a conny, it very much reminded me of a full bodied CC. The corona size is much more mellow/subtle/creamy/smooth and I liked it way more. The robusto was medium-full but was an amazing cigar as well, huge aroma to this line. I would go for the Euro Express if you have a choice.

Those sound pretty good then. I've been looking for a Conny that didn't strike me as lame, as many of them do, and this sounds like it might be worth a try.

Soneros are VERY good. As far as the rest of the Cubanacan line, ehhhhhhhh...

Look up Mederos while your at it. Think it all comes from the same factory. Mederos is AMAZING!!!

Hey Fish I have more than a half a box of the Cubanacan Habano (Piramide) which are over a year old at this point.  I just got one each of the King is Dead and the Eastern Stadard. Want I can get more I know my local has them in stock at this point. 



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