Want to know if you purchased a real Cuban? Want to know if this is a real Boli? Email What Embargo? a photo of your sticks, similar to the one shown above, and we will talk about it on Saturday, January 18th at 9:30 PM.

This is the newest addition to the great list of shows on Cigar Federation, and it is going to be hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July brother!

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Make sure and get us several pictures. We want:

The band
The foot
The cap
Box labels

The more detail we get the better ;)

Well, it is better unless they get bad news.

Quoting the man Lil John...


Can't wait to check out the show

Brother Big_Chunks, thank you!

Do you think certain areas that "sell" Embargo cigars are more likely to try and supply counterfeits.  For example, I would think that you are more likely to find counterfeits in top tourist/cruise ship destinations like mexico or jamaica compared to going to a local B&M in Sweden.  What do you think? 

Craig this is an excellent question.  I would like to save and answer it on our next show Feb 5th as i think this is excellent information to discuss.

No worries.  Just wanted to throw it out there.  I do quite a bit of travelling overseas and would much rather buy from duty free in airports and places that might not be met by the prime opportunity for counterfeiters to make money.

I dont need chu mang... I got me a real cuban to tell me if my ish is real, yo!


Dear everybody,

When I look at all the ",GLASS TOPS" cigars the people buy off ,I ask myself , How do they smoke these

and how can they say that they are smoking Cubans ? I sometimes ask myself,If you want to really have a good laugh ,then have a good cigar you got at a beach or on the st. in Mexico or somewhere else.



Guy I think this is where a lot of negative perception about Cubans.  They buy fakes, save them forever, expect glory, and then get a huge letdown.  Meanwhile, they smoked dried short filler or God knows what....


The problem Is, THEY REALLY think that the Cubans they have with the glass tops are really

REAL, That's the problem,When you try to inform them, they tell you off. It's enough to look at the "INTERNET" and you'll see why.




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