We have a group review going this week so I'm checking this one out... haven't fired it up yet, but is smells like it's gonna be a beast... love that V is featured on the band...

It has a Brazilian Magico Cubano wrapper which sounds like something out of Hogwarts...

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The back story on that wrapper is pretty cool (Halfwheel has the background/they also gave it a 90). And like most Viva's they have a crazy mixture of tobaccos used in the blend (Ecuadorian Sumatra, Nicaraguan, Brazilian, Dom., Pennsylvanian)...to me Holly's cigars are very unique and can taste odd, I am curious to what you guys think of this stick.

This will be my first VR I believe... the first review anyway... looking forward to it..

I've had a Rapture and definitely dug it, and would smoke more.  It's my only VR however.

diggin it so far... unique flavors... I thought it was gonna be much more powerful than it is... i have a feeling Logan will find it boring.

I've had that happen a couple times - enough spice coming off the foot it makes me sneeze, but much tamer on the burn.

looks interesting.  Looking forward to your review(s).

The headshot of V is the back of the band, but I liked it so I focused on that... 

well that is funny considering the name and the story line of the movie



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