I've started to revisit the old Sharing Our Pairings episodes that I haven't heard in ages, starting at Episode 1. My how we've come a long way. I just heard Surge say "Pappy who? Never heard of it!" I also forgot that we had a costar change after season 1.

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That was back when their livers didn't hate them so much.

"Welcome to Sharing Our Pairings, where we get drunk and you try to listen." :-)

Rob brought a Coors Light to the first beer pairing show! Lol

lmao coors light??/ i dont remember that

I can't even watch the earlier shows. Maximum cringe.

I also remember the days when they would have beer on the show, and were confused by things like IBU's.

Haha, I saw one today, and I won't call anyone out, even though they are not in the show anymore, said "What's ABV?"
Surge the shows are great! Would I be a nerd I admitted to taking notes back then? You cigar nerds taught me a lot!

That means a lot man. On days when we're struggling to find the creativity to do a show it's comments like yours that keeps us going.

No problem buddy! I checked out Japanese Whisky 2.0 again today, I really want to get my hands on some of them.



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