So...I was talking to donut last night in the chat, and we got on the subject of older games. Does anyone play video games? What console(s)? And what cigar do you enjoy most/would like to enjoy while playing?


I'd enjoy a MUWAT while playing some Call of Duty or Gears of War 3.

My Favorite games include Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 for Playstation; COD Black Ops and World at War, and Gears of War 2 and 3 for Xbox 360; and Killing Floor for PC thru the STEAM engine.

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I've never really been into the consoles.  I had the original NES and I think I had a PS2 (might have been a PS1 - I forget now even though its still my DVD player), but I was much more into computers and stuff.  When I did play, I was mainly into sports game - Madden, NHL, FIFA, etc.

Sweet. NES was dope. I wish I had had one as a kid. My friends and cousins had them

I haven't gamed since Quake back in 1997.
Actually, I take that back. I'm all about Gran Tourismo. Every edition of it. At this point, it's really the only game I play, and even then its only when there are new releases. Yes, sometimes a new console is required. My wife will play whatever from there....

I like those games. The NASCAR game was really good actually. Unleashed

Never played video games. My parents never got me anything when I was a kid and never found myself wanting to get an Xbox or PS3 or anything.

used to play a lot, but I realized how much time i took and cut back.  I was a beast at the original CoD, Modern Warfare, shortly after that i realized that i spent way too much of my life on it and decided i needed to pull back.  

I also used to play a bunch of sports games and role playing games.

had tons of game systems ranging from Intelevision, Coleco, Atari, NES, Super NES, Sega, Sega Saturn, PSone, PS2, Xbox360, 

Yes!! Another FF player. Been in love with the series since 7, and the gfx just keep getting better. Also a long time Command & Conquer fan on PC. Waiting, waiting for Generals II. I play inside, and I don't get to smoke inside :( Maybe I need a "Me" shed.

I liked 10 but never finished it. 11 I never played. 12, im stuck somewhere. I played 13 or Xbox and I really liked it. 10-2 I have no real interest in. Dirge Of Cerberus was really cool. I have that one as well.

13 I believe I have for xbox, just don't know where it is. i'd definitely play it again.

Lost my disc for XII, love the post-story play opportunities on XIII, started into XIII-2 but haven't had time to keep going, I hear XIV is going to be online-only MMORPG again like XI, and they're making yet another sequel for XIII, which I am excited about, but I'd like to finish XIII-2 first.

yeah, id like to play 13-2 and 15. im not interested in the online play whatsoever...but, I guess they felt the need to appease that crowd.



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