Hey all.  I thought Id send the Cigar Federation family a first look at what we have in store for Thanksgiving.

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone..............

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Love those bands

Looks good! Thanks for sharing. I will be keeping a look out for when they are released. 

Seriously... now I need to be on the look out!

So the stuff turkey has a "white meat" and "dark meat" version?

past releases have

It looks like they have different wrappers... yes?  Like Man Angel says, the past versions have done something along those lines...

One is white meat and one is dark meat......those are the wrapper differences.

those look fantastic....looking forward to trying these when they release

the turkey band is especially awesome!

Thats funny shit!

Dig the look!  Thanks for giving us a heads up, Andre!  very cool

The bands are killing me. Worth picking up just to hear, "Is that really a cigar band?"




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