Well folks,

Most of ya'll know the lead in to this story,, so I'll skip the dramatics. (if you don't, ask....or just ignore it...whatevs)

It's been a brutally stressful few months around here. Job hunting, house hunting, packing, preparing to move, kids, dogs....I'll cover it all.

The family and I are FINALLY trying to set our roots somewhere. The plan was to move to Kansas City, MO. We have family in the area, the job market is good, the housing market is good, and it has the fastest internet in the US. So, I started applying for jobs a few months before our move date. I went probably a month and 40 resumes to get 1 response. It was a job I was really interested in though. I went out and interviewed for it, but didnt end up getting it. I got 1 more interview not long after that, but that one kind of wavered also. 

My wife went and interviewed for 3 jobs in 2 days, one of which was her dream job in her field. Well, the dream job called her back a few days later and gave her a position! Making better money and with better hours than she's ever had.

Then I get a call about a job I should apply for, so of course, I apply. A few days later, and I get a phone interview....then an on-site interview. I'm told that I did well, but I wasnt a fit for the position I applied for. I'd fit better somewhere else, but there wasn't a training class scheduled any time soon. I was going to be "filed" to await a job. (yeah, OK...thanks anyway)

Time to start looking for houses to live in. We can survive off my wifes pay, for a little while at least. As I said, the market is good....but we're renting to start. Places are either tiny, or huge. Older homes with 1 bathroom and 4 bedrooms. "Just keep looking - Dory"

We find a possible house and head out to view the place. 3 bed 2 bath place. Good sized yard, basement, huge garage and rent isnt bad. That said there are 2 other families looking at the same time, and more had come the weekend prior. I liked the place but didn't have much faith in getting it the way my luck has been going.

Well, luck has a way of changing. We viewed the house on a Saturday and on Wednesday I get a phone call officially offering us the house. I of course graciously accept. AWESOME! Big load off my shoulders. Then a few hours later the job I'd just applied for calls me and offers me a position! We celebrate as a family, and you can start to feel the stress lift off of us.

*dramatic pause*

My wife and I start to notice that our beagle, Chester is starting to look a little thin. We've had him almost 10 years, and he wasn't a pup when we got him. He's not eating, barely drinking and is clearly weak. We know it's time, but (as I'm sure you know) it's hard to accept. We make the hard right instead of the easy wrong and put him down. I hated seeing my kids go through that. I've done it before and it's horrible every time. It was a quiet few days in the house, and still to this day you'll catch my wife or I calling for him.

Well, now we're about 2 weeks from moving and we've not seen a lease for the house yet. We've not paid a deposit or 1st/last and can't get a hold of the land lord. (hello stress, welcome back) My wife leaves on the 5th and the kids and I leave on the 8th. Yet, no house to go to! This is a problem!!!

Here we are on the 26th and for the past few days I've been calling/texting like crazy. I tracked her husbands number down and called/text him. A few hours later, a text from her comes in....then a call Turns out she's been in the hospital and he "assistant" is utterly useless.

We're good on the house, going the 1st to pick up keys and do paperwork. We're all so ready to get this next chapter started. Ready to just work a 9-5 job and be a "normal" family for once.

I know this was long, but it's been a crazy time and I had to share.

There are a lot of people here that I've never met, yet I consider them good friends. Ya'll know who you are. Thank you all....I've leaned on you more than you know in the past few months and every one of you was there for me.

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Congrats on the jobs, house, etc. Sorry you had to endure the loss of your dog, but I trust all is well moving forward.

Good stuff brother!

The trials and tribulations of essentially starting life over are truly a life challenge that only few have come to understand.  I commend you for hanging in there and keeping an upbeat attitude, with all the hiccups along the way.  I'm glad to hear things have fallen into place, despite the winding road it took to get there. ( I am truly sorry for your family's loss.  I had to put our cat of 10 years down a few years back.  He was my first pet I've ever had)

I appreciate your openness and transparency to share the experience with us all.  I've enjoyed reading it each time you've shared and am optimistic for the things to come for you and your family.  We were just in the KC area last summer and it is a wonderful place for families.  Good luck!

I'll keep ya'll updated on the life and times of Jay.

Next time you're in KC hit me up. I have a big garage, big back porch and big fire pit to enjoy.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your family pet.  Sounds like you had many years to enjoy his companionship and I hope that you remember those times often.  Congrats on the jobs and new place.  Sounds like it is working out well.

Life can be a roller coaster and sometimes it is easy to get so overtaken by the lows that you don't look around and enjoy the highs.I believe that the secret to weathering the storm is to enjoy each day in spite of the storm.  Take your pleasures wherever you can as they will keep you afloat (this includes some cigar 'me time').  Enjoy each minute with your wife and kids, no matter what else is happening around you.  Before you know it years have passed and yesterday's tribulations will have been replaced by tomorrow's.

Here is a quote that I hope will serve you well. 

"It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis." -- Margaret Bonnano

Thanks Jeff,

Positive outlook on life has always been my plan. Laugh, smile, joke, enjoy. The bad times are only as bad as you let them be. Sit back with a beer and a nice cigar...all is well.

Man, losing a family pet is the worst. I promised I wouldn't get one after my parents dog died which was the first time I ever saw my Dad cry, then we got our dog and we love her and I know it will break me if she ever dies. So we are just planning on her living forever. 

Congrats on life man, you deserve it. Thank you for your service and good luck on all the newness. 

My kids (12 and 15) said the same thing, Pat.

"I don't think I've ever seen dad cry"  I was balling man, bad. I won't get in to everything here, but lets just say that dog was my lifeline at one point in time.

Congrats on all the good news, Jay, and very sorry about your loss. Losing a pet is rough and leaves an almost surprisingly huge hole in your life, but like all loss you can take comfort in appreciating the good fortune you had to have them in your family. 

Best of luck in KC, sounds like a great life is waiting there for you!

Sorry about the dog Jay. We put our 19 yr old Jack Russell down about a year and a half ago. A little while later we picked up a Beagle pup. He is outstanding, when the inevitable comes with our Great Rat Terrier, we will get another Beagle.
Happy to hear things are working out despite the long road to get there. Congrats to you and your family.
This look like they're headrd in a positive direction, just give it timr and everything rlse will begin to fall in place.



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