Twitter has become an increasingly popular form of communication within the industry, and I figured we could use this thread to post our Twitter handles so everyone can follow each other and maximize the experience.  If you have Twitter, and choose to, please post your nick here so others can follow you:


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I tried to find @bharringto3, but it says that account does not exist.


I rarely post anything cigar related on the twitters, but I can be found @The_Nothing.
Most of my cigar-related content is on G+ or Instagram

Something tells me that if you begin following the rest of us, the cigar content on Twitter will explode.



I link my facebook posts to twatter. but you can follow me at




Added @tobaccovivant, but @cigardougie doesn't appear to be a valid handle

I guess he won't be able to teach us how to dougie :)

I might have deleted it. That is how often I actually use twatter. Logan I will teach you how to me anytime.

Lesson One.

Grab a glass of Blanton's neat.

Sit on the front porch in a rocking chair.

and light up your favorite stick.

Twitter: bojorquezcigars
Instagram: bojorquezofficial
Facebook : Bojórquez
@JaredG327 Though I don't generally post anything, more for following. I'm a follower.

Gonna give a bump to this for all the new members.



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