So I posted the picture earlier today, but wanted to list what Charlie sent me in our trade. 

From L to R:

OR Collective

Warped Don Reynaldo

Maya Selva Flor de Selva maduro robusto

Atabey Divinos

3 Cubans -- Charlie will have to explain what's what here

Undercrown Flying Pig

Liga Unico UF-13

Thanks, again, Charlie -- looking forward to every one of these!

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Trinidad Coloniales 5.25x44
Quai D'Orsay Superiores 4.9x50
Vegueros Mananitas 4x46
imo...out of all the CC's I have smoked lately these 3 have been the most impressive.

Thanks! The only legit CC I've smoked in the last several years is an H Upmann half corona. Looking forward to these. 

I know you'll dig that Trini because they are just great sticks, the Vegueros will only better with age, I smoked one out of the same box last month and really enjoyed it (only of the best fresh CC's I've smoked in quite some time)....The Quai D'Orsay is like no other CC, they are very unique, even though its a 2011 I think 6 months will about peak this cigar out...I personally think that Atabey's age just like a CC (I'd be surprised if there isn't Cuban tobacco in that blend, very surprised).

Nice trade! Looks like I need to trade with Charlie to get some uf-13's and t52's

Your going to need some uber legit sticks Max ;-)



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