I have a bottle of Bookers Bourbon that has been hanging around since I received it in x-mas of 2013 I believe. About a year after I received it, it was opened and two shots were poured from it and since then it has sat in my cabinet. I actually do not drink the stuff but figured it might be worth bartering with. It says it's aged 7 years 1 month before it was bottled/labeled and batch number is C04-J-19. If Bookers is a good whiskey, I would not know. I do still have the wood box it came in as well. 

I'm pretty new to CigarFed and do not have much of any reputation here. I'm also pretty new to cigars in general but have recently become somewhat obsessed with them. I'm about to have a new 100-count humidor (x-mas gift from the missus) and well, would like to start filling it up with tasty sticks. 

Since I'm so new here I would gladly send the bottle to you to receive and check it out before you send the sticks to me. All I ask is that, un-like me, you do have some reputation here and I can feel safe sending you the goods firstly. 

Thank ya! :-)

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what do you want for the bottle?

cigars, preferably a good mix of different ones :-)

what have you smoked? Have you kept your bands!

Well, I really have not smoked too many honestly. I do keep my labels and plan soon to start a notebook, glueing in my labels and writing down my notes and ratings. I seem to enjoy the darker or more fuller flavored. I like spice a whole lot. My favorite so far is the A. Fuente - Magnum Rosado Sun Grown, it just has the perfect amount of everything imo . Actually, I have smoked 3 dif fuente's so far and they were all really awesome. I really liked the Gunslinger Drifter, My Father Le Bejiou, Alec Bradley Prensado have been some of the better ones. But really, I have so little experience and there are SO MANY brands and types I have on my list. I would def rather have a humidor full of sticks I can smoke every few days, rather than super rare collector pieces I cringe  when setting fire to. I really have a lot to learn and my taste buds need a whole lot more experience. The main problem is my income does not allow me to splurge on sticks often, I have a new baby and a wedding to save for haha, but I still sneak in the stop to my local b+m when ever possible.

Just so I can get a good idea of what to send you!



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