So, I ended up getting this Peterson St. Patrick's Day pipe instead of the Nording... apparently the nording was out of stock... anyway, I found this one on one as an unsmoked estate pipe... got a pretty sweet deal on it... I also got a sampler of Sutliff aromatics to try... and I picked up the Sutliff Taste of Autumn because it sounded good... really getting into this pipe stuff... it's the perfect time of year and i dig the experience...

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You forgot to add your wife likes the aroma. That Petersen System is excellent for bents.

my wife loves the smell of pipe smoke... tho I don't think she'll be too excited when I get to the Meat Pie and stuff like that...

Yeah, wives dig pipe tobacco aroma.

What happened to the Nording?

I ordered it from i didn't know anything about the store, but they had a customer service chat option so I asked some questions.  Am I getting the exact pipe pictured, can I return it, etc.  I was told they check with the distributer and the pipe was in stock, so I placed my order.  A few days pass and I get an email asking me to review my experience.  I had no heard anything about the product shipping or anything like that, so I hit up the customer service chat again... I was told he was waiting to see if the pipe was still in stock and he should know in an hour... I was already told it was in stock, but I didn't push... so I asked if I should wait for an email or come back... he told me to come back in an hour... i did and the person running the CS chat was not there... so I emailed them... my email was kicked back... 

So I went back the next day and asked about the order and was told the pipe is sold out... so I cancelled the order and mentioned to the guy that the site still had the pipe listed as in stock and he should fix that...  now a week later, it is STILL listed as in stock...

Anyway, it was all for the best, cuz I dig this Peterson pipe... I got a great deal on it ($54) as an unsmoked estate pipe... so I am pleased with the deal...



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