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   So I have a general question for all the people out there.  I, like many of you, read reviews from various sites and people.  I have read some that discuss or talk about the flavor profile experienced through the retrohale while others don't mention it at all.  Each person seems to be different and have their own preference.

   In saying all of that I ask all of you, do you retrohale.  I can do it and continue to try it with every cigar I smoke but to be honest I get a burnt nose to varying degrees.  I enjoy the "taste" of a cigar when I smoke it and can pick up some different flavors and tastes through that.  So does the retrohale make the experience that much better or not. 

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Your mouth can taste four/five different flavors but thru your nose, you can taste 1000's. If you want to truly taste the cigar, you have to retrohale.

Is that a scientific number?! :P

I think so.

no, the scientific term would be a "butt load" of flavors.  Either that or a "Metric Shit Ton" of flavors

It is so funny you said this. I say metric butt ton, or metric shit ton a lot. I have only heard people from Missouri say this.

Two greatest terms in regards to measurement....ass load and CH.

I don't know the exact number, scientifically. I do know you miss some great flavor combinations without the retrohale. I do it almost instinctively. I have to make an effort to "not retrohale"

Like Matt and a few others I subconsciously do it 



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