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   So I have a general question for all the people out there.  I, like many of you, read reviews from various sites and people.  I have read some that discuss or talk about the flavor profile experienced through the retrohale while others don't mention it at all.  Each person seems to be different and have their own preference.

   In saying all of that I ask all of you, do you retrohale.  I can do it and continue to try it with every cigar I smoke but to be honest I get a burnt nose to varying degrees.  I enjoy the "taste" of a cigar when I smoke it and can pick up some different flavors and tastes through that.  So does the retrohale make the experience that much better or not. 

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From my experience, the retrohale opens up a whole new world of flavors for you - I suggest it.  I subconsciously do it on every draw at this point.

Agreed. I thought it was a habit formed when I used to smoke cigarettes... and now it is just a natural reaction to draw and exhale.

I try it with all cigars....some the retro singes my sinuses and i won't do it much after that, some you can't taste much of anything else, some the cigar experience is a completely different experience when you retro. 

I probably do it a 1/3 of the time. It depends on what it's like with that particular smoke. Some you want to do it a lot, others are like "whoa, what the...?"

Like Brian, I always "try", but some are just too spicy for my poor nose. It's worth a try.

There are far more flavor receptors in the nose.  No question, retrohale is imperative if you want to experience all the cigar has to offer.  

  Retro can be very strong, too much on many occasions.  What I do is retro the last part of the exhale.  If you try and retro the entire draw, you may have a problem....  Very few cigars am I able to retro the entire draw.  f someone wants to start, make sure you only retro the last little bit of the exhale.  As you get used to it, you will be able to retro more.  Sometimes your nostrils get blasted, but wait and see what happens after.

  Best part of retro is when the flavor from the retro is different then the draw and they meet together on the palate to create a unique flavor profile with depth.

I agree with Dustin.  Very well said. 

Sexual Catfish talk, gets me all randy.

i did not know that catfish but the very first time i tried that i failed badly. u gotta show me sometime

Cool discussion.  Agree with most of the people on here in that I always try it with a cigar.  Even if the first retro kicks my ass I will try again.  Make it a point to try the retro during each third of the cigar to see what I can get out of it.  Also agree that sometimes the sinus singe is just a little to much.

I have found that retro has made me want to go back and revisit cigars that I have smoked in the past. My palate had changed a lot since I first started smoking, the ability to retrohale has played a large part of that process. I would recommend to everyone that does smoke cigars to try to do so.

I reterohale occasionally. I used to be plagued with sinus infections..so I am a scaredy cat about doing it on a regular basis. Plus,I've never smoked a single cigarette in my life. I get a big hit of nicotine when I retrohale.



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