1. Digging holes in Nicaragua requires tools found from the satchel of a Neanderthal's grave site.

2. New shit is coming out.

3. Cigar Chat is best interrupted by birthday cake and a mariachi band

4. JD + Willy + Caldwell = ALL OUT KINGS

5. If your feet swell up to the size of a football, you probably should not smoke 18 cigars a day and continue eating salty food.

6. Drinking with Shad requires intimate knowledge of your five-year plan.

7. Surgeon's rum and scotch game is only matched by his video recording and editing game

8. You can weasel your way to a free birthday tattoo

9. ATMs in Nicaragua spit out dollars instead of Cordoba

10. You can weasel your way to a bundle of Velvet Rats

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I need to weasel a bundle of Velvet Rats

You are a master weasel Jared but I'm not sure that is possible LOL

Things I learned on Safari

1. You can learn a lot if you can keep a secret

2. [Redacted] is actually [redacted]

3. [Redacted] only smokes [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]

4.  [Redacted] actually comes from [redacted]

5. [Redacted] may or may not [redacted]

6.  [Redacted] really doesn't like [redacted]

Oh, you are too [Redacted] funny

Exactly. You always got keep your eyes open.


Ha! Nice list An.

Im going to be there in six weeks! I can't wait. #10 has me thinking! lol

If you've got a bottle of 18 year PVW then maybe...

Did I hear Velvet Rats? I need some of those!

Just remembered one more thing...  It's apparently possible to rip off your toenails enough times that they never grow back.  *shudder*

Holy shit. I forgot about that. You also have to put acid on the cuticles to make sure they don't grow back.



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