1. Digging holes in Nicaragua requires tools found from the satchel of a Neanderthal's grave site.

2. New shit is coming out.

3. Cigar Chat is best interrupted by birthday cake and a mariachi band

4. JD + Willy + Caldwell = ALL OUT KINGS

5. If your feet swell up to the size of a football, you probably should not smoke 18 cigars a day and continue eating salty food.

6. Drinking with Shad requires intimate knowledge of your five-year plan.

7. Surgeon's rum and scotch game is only matched by his video recording and editing game

8. You can weasel your way to a free birthday tattoo

9. ATMs in Nicaragua spit out dollars instead of Cordoba

10. You can weasel your way to a bundle of Velvet Rats

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Hahahaha, that's awesome, An! Great list. Dude, did your foot swell up like that? That's crazy. Sounds like an epic trip.

If my foot swelled up like that I would have gone to see a dr!

A good 5 year plan is key to success.

You must ask about the five year plan at least five times.

Well Shad, I've got a decent 5 day plan...I may need your help turning days into years ;-)

Great list...though I think Charlie is going to wet himself when he sees #10. 

It was more of a trade. A rather hard to find bottle was given and at the last minute rather hard to find cigars were given. More of a gift and then an ultimate bomb. That's all I'm saying. Hahahahaha

Part of me was hoping that Justin would break them out for the bus ride, but (Zillas are better anyway)

Yea...your right about that!

2. New shit is coming out.

And its GOOD

Thank God for test blends!
After smoking those test sticks I'm excited to see the finished product. Should be damn fine



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