This is a great cigar - the blend got a 93 rating from smoke magazine, smooth, even burning, great flavor - it may just be the perfect golf course cigar.

In general, the Red goes with big and full bodied red wines. I like it with most Cabernets and Zinfinfels. It is also a great pairing with a Guinness Stout or a big Bock beer. I also found it to be a good pairing for Woodford Reserve. Here are some other and more specific pairings:

Virginia Distillery Eades Islay Double Malt Scotch

The Red has a beautiful tannic finish that feels right with the Islay. The Islay brings out the sweetness of this cigar, something that you don't see so much with other beverages, highlighting the wonderful depth and complexity of these cigars.

DelFosse 2008 Grand Cru Olivier

Red Habano pairs nicely with medium to bold bodied red wines, brandies and bourbons. It is the perfect companion for this bold, tannic, complex wine.

Unicorn 2008 Merlot

While generally suited to fuller bodied wines the intricate flavors of the Unicorn Merlot pair nicely with the bigger, Grande Red, softer than its Classic cousin.

Potomac Point 2009 Cabernet Franc

While generally suited to fuller bodied wines the intricate flavors of the Potomac Point Cabernet Franc pair nicely with the complex and balanced flavors of the Red Grande.

 I have a boatload of them in stock in preparation for the Tribute to the Wounded Warrior this week. Check out my website, for some great deals on this fine cigar.

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I'm a big fan of panacea Green is my goto

Have you tried the new Green 660? Great cigar - love the shaggy foot and pigtail. 

I have had the560 haven't seen the wild thing yet. I like Flatbed cigar Co. they are a local PA Co. with a good product have had many of their blends.



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