Had a little bit of time yesterday afternoon while my nap took his nap (he had a tiring day at Hershey Park). With five of the Ortega Project blends to smoke, I figured I should get to work on them. I went with #1, the "Lonsdale 6 x 46 with Mexican Maduro Wrapper – Round Shaped". 

The first thing I noticed with this cigar, was the toothy wrapper. It was a think, solid, toothy wrapper with very little flaws or veins. It had a nice light up, and felt a pepper/spice right off the bat. This lasted for the first minute or two, and eventually mellowed out. I went into this smoke not knowing which blend it was. My first thought was Nicaraguan filler, but was unsure on specifically which binder (after checking the blog, I see that all blends were Nica. filler and binder, whoops). As the flavors started to build on this, I was randomly getting what tasted like fired cured tobacco.. in a weird way. It lasted through out the cigar hitting every other draw or so. At times, it even hit as burning electronic, rubber, or some other weird flavor. Aside from that weird flavor, I was getting the typical flavors that make the Nicaraguan filler so delicious (chocolate, coffee, pepper). This was a good cigar. I think the wrapper worked well, it had great construction and had a nice even burn the whole way through. However, with that "fire-cured" flavor I kept getting, i would not vote for this one to be the box. 

Did you get your 5-pack yet? Have you smoked any of these guys?

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Good stuff Dave.

I smoked it the other night. Definitely a San Andres wrapper. I didn't get the chemical tastes like you did, but I did think the cigar was pretty fresh. I had a hard time keeping it going and don't think this cigar has properly dried  out since it was rolled. San Andres wrappers take more time, and I don't think the time was there.

Yea, they do seem like the kind I would rest for a bit. No burn issues here though, actually stayed well lit, with a very nice burn. 

That was more of a Corona Gorda than a Lonsdale...

IDK if I have bought into this project, I am still going to pass on it. I have had too many minor problems with Ortega cigars (other than Serie D Maduro) for me to buy more than a single of his stuff and when I do it will be the Black that just came out..

I am not a huge fan of chemical/rubber flavors in my cigar profile lol

I just pulled that size/info right from the site. You actually can't buy in now anyway, so you're fine ;-)

hey charlie....don't be shy man, next time feel free to email me with any issues you may have with my products....I always welcome constructive feedback...:.) BTW...gld you enjoy the SD Maddie and hope you'll also enjoy the Black.


Eddie I have very much respect for you and your cigars. I have smoked many since you split from EO. I am a huge D #6 fan, the issues I had were only with cigars in the Wild Bunch line. I enjoyed the Fast Eddie but the others had minor issues I wont get in to because you aren't making them any more so it doesn't matter. I will be buying a single of the Black to see how it goes (I have heard good things from people on here about it). You need to make a lancero. Thanks bro!

Serie D Maduro Lancero was a most excellent stick, made even better because I was pairing it with some spicy Brazilian BBQ at the time. Was a perfect smoke with spicy food, so definitely going to, as you said, at least TRY the Black and see what happens.

You inspired me...

DAMN!!! yeap I don't like that fire cure taste myself,,, not a fan.  I havent tried that size yet I've only had the #1 not bad but didn't thrill me either.  Just a note on this project, all the blends were created with out my input...I wanted to be a surprised too :)

I only gave the factory slight diretions regarding strenght...size and wrapper.

my bad....actually smoked the #3 ...I think a lancero

I have the others resting a bit in my humidor and looking forward to smoking myself.


Cubao may be my favorite every day smoke on the planet. I did not get in on the project but this looks like a tasty smoke. 

When do you guys want to get together on a hangout and smoke #2 or one of the other ones?



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