The 'Official' FedHead Social Media ID Table. [Updated 09/18/15]

Matt started a thread to collect Twitter handles late 2013, and based on the response, I thought it  would be neat to make a realtime table with all this info. In one, easy to view location, and these will all be links.'re welcome. As I get new info I will update this table. Also note, that I am ONLY posting here what is shared here. I know a lot of this information, but I don't want to share your info for you. ;)

CigFed Name

Twitter Instagram Facebook Untappd
007MI6 @007MI6 @007MI6 007MI6
302_Jose H @302 JH @302 JH 302JH
An Phan @GoatKING @goatking
Bill Williams @wm2slc wm2slc wm2slc
Brett Harrington @BrettHarringto3 @bharrington423
Fatkid @fatkid1106 @fatkid1106
Brian McMillen
Bojórquez @bojoquezcigars Bojoquez
The Cigarmy (Kip) @The_Cigarmy
Cigar Federation @CigarFederation @cigarfederation Cigar Federation
Cigar Surgeon @CigarSurgeon @CigarSurgeon John Reiner Cigarsurgeon
cmbrose @cmbrose11 @cmbrose11 Chris Brose
Dave Nichols @victumssun
Docwill @doc_wil
Donald Kozerow @donaldkozerow Don Kozerow
Doug @Unpossible_1 @Unpossible_1 Doug Shepard Unpossible_1
Drew S @dstoerrle
HardlyClerkin® @HardlyClerkin @hardlyclerkin
Hardly Clerkin
Harley Holmes @Harley_Holmes @661holmes HarleyH
Jared Grillot @JaredG327 @JaredG327 JaredG327
Jay Reiniger @d3sc3n7 Jay Reiniger
Janis Klavins @chunklavins @jklavinsprinting
Jimmy Z @JimmyRewind @RewindDesign JimmyRewind
Kid Corona @406cigars @406_cigars
KRUK @krukscigardeck Kruk.Morgan
Matt Hill @MattHill57
Matt Ross @MattRoss81 Matty Blayze MattSRoss81
Mickey irratebass @irratebass1 @irratebass Mickey Tompkins irratebass
Miguel Rocha @fatroach72 @Fatroach72 Miguel Rocha
MoBarbq @MoBarbq
The Nothing @The_Nothing @TheNothing
RobbyRas @RobbyRas @RobbyRas Rob Rasmussen
Shooter McGavin @ScottWi17229296 @scottwilsoncomcastnet Daniel Scott Wilson
Smokin Logan @LoganatDell
Stefan Lindblad @drsrevlindblad Cigar Hunter drsrevlinblad
Texican8 @ImaTexican8 @imaTexican8
Thomas Leamy @TL @imTL
Tyler @TylerA_Cigars @wtallbright
Max AKA WSTSIDER @wstsider @wstsider Wstsider

*9/17/15 Updated list using a Google Doc Table, so it's much easier to edit and keep neat for me. Some people pages were defunct, so I didn't transfer them. As always, just comment below if you aren't on here and want to be.

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I've added a public Facebook if anyone is interested:

Updated with a better format, so it's a lot cleaner. Still working on it, but I wanted to go ahead and get it up and running and tweak it as I go. :)

FYI My IG and Facebook are IG Facebook

Gotcha buddy!

Still here! :)

That's Shepherd for FB.  You'll never find me lol



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