The 'Official' FedHead Social Media ID Table. [Updated 09/18/15]

Matt started a thread to collect Twitter handles late 2013, and based on the response, I thought it  would be neat to make a realtime table with all this info. In one, easy to view location, and these will all be links.'re welcome. As I get new info I will update this table. Also note, that I am ONLY posting here what is shared here. I know a lot of this information, but I don't want to share your info for you. ;)

CigFed Name

Twitter Instagram Facebook Untappd
007MI6 @007MI6 @007MI6 007MI6
302_Jose H @302 JH @302 JH 302JH
An Phan @GoatKING @goatking
Bill Williams @wm2slc wm2slc wm2slc
Brett Harrington @BrettHarringto3 @bharrington423
Fatkid @fatkid1106 @fatkid1106
Brian McMillen
Bojórquez @bojoquezcigars Bojoquez
The Cigarmy (Kip) @The_Cigarmy
Cigar Federation @CigarFederation @cigarfederation Cigar Federation
Cigar Surgeon @CigarSurgeon @CigarSurgeon John Reiner Cigarsurgeon
cmbrose @cmbrose11 @cmbrose11 Chris Brose
Dave Nichols @victumssun
Docwill @doc_wil
Donald Kozerow @donaldkozerow Don Kozerow
Doug @Unpossible_1 @Unpossible_1 Doug Shepard Unpossible_1
Drew S @dstoerrle
HardlyClerkin® @HardlyClerkin @hardlyclerkin
Hardly Clerkin
Harley Holmes @Harley_Holmes @661holmes HarleyH
Jared Grillot @JaredG327 @JaredG327 JaredG327
Jay Reiniger @d3sc3n7 Jay Reiniger
Janis Klavins @chunklavins @jklavinsprinting
Jimmy Z @JimmyRewind @RewindDesign JimmyRewind
Kid Corona @406cigars @406_cigars
KRUK @krukscigardeck Kruk.Morgan
Matt Hill @MattHill57
Matt Ross @MattRoss81 Matty Blayze MattSRoss81
Mickey irratebass @irratebass1 @irratebass Mickey Tompkins irratebass
Miguel Rocha @fatroach72 @Fatroach72 Miguel Rocha
MoBarbq @MoBarbq
The Nothing @The_Nothing @TheNothing
RobbyRas @RobbyRas @RobbyRas Rob Rasmussen
Shooter McGavin @ScottWi17229296 @scottwilsoncomcastnet Daniel Scott Wilson
Smokin Logan @LoganatDell
Stefan Lindblad @drsrevlindblad Cigar Hunter drsrevlinblad
Texican8 @ImaTexican8 @imaTexican8
Thomas Leamy @TL @imTL
Tyler @TylerA_Cigars @wtallbright
Max AKA WSTSIDER @wstsider @wstsider Wstsider

*9/17/15 Updated list using a Google Doc Table, so it's much easier to edit and keep neat for me. Some people pages were defunct, so I didn't transfer them. As always, just comment below if you aren't on here and want to be.

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instagram is the same thing for me.....i won't accept any of you on facebook offense but facebook is for family and local friends.

Same here, Instagram is the same as my Twitter.  Can't have my facebook. :P

Still love this idea... expand the community!  My IG is @RobbyRas facebook is

I added a new column. I noticed a lot of us are beer lovers too and hang out on Untappd. :)

Wow. I've been too busy lately This really needs a BUMP! :)

Thanks.. just what I was looking for!

looks great, thanks for your efforts

This needs a new bump with all the new members joining!

And if you want to go further, check out the interactive FedHead Map thread HERE!

Updated with some more Untapped ID's :)

Instagram and Twitter are both the same, Unpossible_1 and Doug Shepherd on FB. 

Updated! I couldn't figure out which Facebook page was you, so I didn't link that one.

Instagram = scottwilsoncomcastnet

FB = Daniel Scott Wilson



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