I mention this in the review I wrote up, but this has turned out to be one of the best pairings I've stumbled on in years.  The vague, sporadic sweetness in the Namakubi really goes well in contrast to a strong, bold coffee.  I'll definitely be experimenting with this one, as soon as I can get a few more of these sticks...

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Yep.  Just plain, black coffee.  I have to say, though, I MUCH prefer the Tiburon vitola in the Namakubi. I tried one of the smaller Roxxo's yesterday, and while it was OK, I would definitely go with the Tiburon for stocking up.

I love having a cigar with my coffee the flavors hit so strong more then with bourbon or wine and it is one of my favorite things... I like the Room 101 cigars have to try the OSOK and the Namakubi..



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