The day has come. No chat. Whatever will you do?

I would suggest starting a forum thread and letting the "chat" occur there.

How long will the chat be gone?

It all depends on how much the forum gets used.




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You just became my new best friend.

Same here...I stopped using AIM in 2005 and haven't been a chat person since. Nothing against anyone who does, but I don't have a job where I could be chatting anyway.

Now...without the chat...I have 45+ emails in my inbox from Cfed...idk about all this no chat mumbojumbo.

Mr. Popular and shit. 

Lol.  adjust your notifications.

Dude. You're ruining my life...

Things go from bad to worse, and it's Logan's fault.

Awesome.........the day my job DOESN'T block Cfed, and fooking chat is discontinued......meh

Stop by. That's the link from the app, but An posted the link in his post

Thanks Dave!

Maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if you didn't act like such a big ass hat about it. This site has always been about the community and to change a big feature like that is douchey, especially 10 hours after it being a possible prank.

There's plenty of other chat options to shoot the shit with these guys, this was just most convenient. You'll either get shit forum posts, or less community participation. What about cc shows? Where's the feedback and community on that?

K, /rant. I'll be in the Irc #cigfed

Well I really liked the forum, I kinda thought the app killed the forum in a way, maybe chat adds to it now.



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